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Proven Track Record of Success

At a time of nonstop local property tax increases and burdensome regulations, Fanning Law was created in order to protect clients' rights and represent their best interests. Clients of the firm include corporations, small business owners, property managers, developers, REITs, and national franchises.

$10 Million

Property Tax Incentive Achievement

Successfully secured a 6b property tax incentive for an industrial facility that was worth in excess of $10 million over the term of the incentive.


Property Tax Refund Success

Litigated an appeal before the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board for a nationally branded hotel owner, reducing the valuation of the property by $2,850,000. The subsequent refund on taxes paid was in excess of $250,000.

7C Property Tax

Approved By Chicago City Council

Unanimously passed a 7c property tax incentive on behalf of a small business owner before the Chicago City Council.


Certificate Of Error Appeal

Adjudicated a certificate of error appeal for a national restaurant franchise owner that resulted in refunds in excess of $140,000 on taxes previously paid.

Legislative Victory

Appeals Rights Expanded

Helped draft and pass legislation in Springfield that gave townhome and homeowner associations the right to file a joint appeal at the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board on behalf of all owners.

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