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House Tax in Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions About Land Tax in Chicago.

Are you concerned about an aspect of your land and house tax in Chicago? At Fanning Law LLC we can help you put those concerns in the past and focus on the future by clarifying any documents you received, helping you file an appeal, and even going to bat in court if it comes to that. We are the law firm in Chicago that focuses our expertise on property taxes for the benefit of our clients across the state of Illinois. We have helped our clients receive money back on inaccurate taxes paid, tax benefited, and tax breaks that they did not even know they had access to.


FAQs About House and Land Tax in Chicago:


  • How do I know how much I have to pay? A tax assessor will formulate your personal land tax in Chicago. You can compare his assessment with known formulas that show what the assessor is basing their charge on and how your property compares to others in the area, taxwise.

  • Can I contest the amount if it seems inaccurate? If the amount does not seem right you have every right to contest it, in fact, you should so it does not become standard to pay more.

  • How can I lower the amount of land and home taxes I pay? You can file an appeal yourself or you can hire a lawyer to file an appeal. You can also lobby to change the taxes in Chicago at political meetings.

  • Do my land and house taxes have to be paid in one lump sum? Typically payments are possible as long as you are not already late. Discuss your case with a skilled tax lawyer if you have been told your payment will not be accepted for any reason, fast action should be taken at this point.


Contact us at Fanning Law today to discuss any tax issues you are dealing with. We look forward to working with you so you can pay the minimum legal amount of land and house taxes in Chicago.

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