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Real Estate Taxes

5 Things You May Not Know About Real Estate Taxes.

Real estate taxes are a fact of life. At Fanning Law, we understand that it can be frustrating paying those taxes in an average situation and add the complexities of commercial properties to it and the situation can feel overwhelming fast if any error is made by either party. We represent business owners in and around Chicago. If you have any questions about your commercial property tax, or if you have hit a roadblock and do not see a way around it contact us for a consultation. Do not fret over uncertainty, we understand and will help you through any concerns or appeals needed.

Here Are Some Things You May Not Have Known About Real Estate Taxes and Commercial Property Tax:

  • There is a government job of an assessor to decide the value of your home or commercial property and base your individual tax bill on that, you have access to a website and tools to compare their assessment to your own.

  • If you disagree with the amount of taxes you owe, it is perfectly fine to file an appeal and there are skilled tax lawyers that can help you with this quickly and efficiently.

  • Keeping up with local politics and tax changes can directly affect how much you pay in property taxes, especially if you live within a certain district. If you want to make change for the better show up at the local political meetings.

  • Always pay on time, even if you want to appeal. Interest and fees rack up fast. And you want to pay the minimum payments on time all the time. If you disagree, file an appeal on the paid amount for future savings and a refund.

  • The political environment in Chicago right now is complex. There are many movements to make a change for the better but it is always a good idea to employ a lawyer if you are unsure about a tax situation for your business or your home.

A Commercial law firm is exactly who you should call if you are having concerns about industrial property taxes. You want lawyers in your corner who fully understand the system, local tax law, federal tax law, and all the intricacies. If you need commercial law assistance contact the professionals at Fanning Law, LLC. today.

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