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Chicago Property Tax Attorney

Fanning Law, LLC is Your Chicago Property Tax Attorney With Heart.

Expert law knowledge when it comes to Illinois property tax, extensive experience in a variety of situations, and an attorney who truly cares about the outcome of each case is what you will find when you come to Fanning Law, LLC. If you have been searching the terms Chicago Property Tax Attorney into your search engine in hopes of finding guidance on a personal property tax situation in Illinois, contact us because we specialize in property tax for this state, and specifically for the local Chicago government codes and laws. When it comes to Chicago property taxes, you want someone in your corner who knows the laws and the situations from the inside out. It is that simple. If you are getting a divorce, you call a divorce attorney. If you are in a car accident, you want a personal injury attorney. If you are having trouble navigating the tax system and need to file an appeal you want a personal property tax attorney who understands.

The personal property tax is a local tax in Illinois, this means that it goes to the local government and none of it goes to the state. Your property tax can vary greatly depending on where you live within the state, the size of your home or industrial building, and many other factors. The more you know and understand about property taxes the more you can ensure you are not paying more than need be. You may be surprised at how many people do indeed pay much more than they should without realizing it. Always check when you pay your local, state or federal taxes it can save you money and stress.


If you need help with Illinois property tax, you should know you are not alone. Illinois has a relatively high tax rate compared to the rest of the country, property tax within Chicago is high in addition to this. A skilled attorney can help simplify the entire process of appeals with the local government of Chicago and streamline the process of reducing your future property taxes and even getting a refund on your past overpayments. Contact us for a consultation, depending on your situation we may be able to save you significantly. We specialize in property taxes, property law, and are knowledgeable about the area's quirks and Illinois law in general. The sooner you schedule a consultation after you realize there may be trouble, the better your outcome may be. 

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