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Cook County Taxes

Do Not Lose Hope or Feel Overwhelmed By Mail That You have Received, Contact Us For Tax Appeal Services.

Have you received a document or bill in the mail concerning your Cook County Taxes that you do not understand or feel is unfair or not adjusted correctly? It happens. First thing first is to keep your letters, your tax receipts, and other related documents. Second, call us at Fanning Law, LLC to discuss your options. Chances are we can help simplify the situation so you can get back to the business of running your business effectively without worrying about a tax bill. If the issue is more complex than anticipated, we likely have dealt with a similar situation in the past because we focus on property tax law in particular. Go to the law firm that offers expert knowledge and extensive experience with your particular issue for the most efficient results.

What is a tax appeal service? A tax appeal is when someone believes they were charged inaccurately on their tax bill and go through the proper means to contest it. It is your legal right to appeal your taxes, although it is a good idea to go ahead and pay then appeal to stay on the right side of the law. Many people hire a law firm for tax appeal services because the process can be highly bureaucratic with paper crossing many desks and when even on t is not crossed or i dotted, so to speak, the appeal can be returned in a seemingly endless cycle few business owners want to engage in. A tax lawyer knows the ins and out of the appeal process and if you are correct in your appeal, you will find results much faster with legal help. Faster results in your favor mean a win-win all around because you will no longer be on the paperwork cycle of appeals.


Contact the tax firm in Chicago that specializes in property taxes and Cook County Taxes. Fanning Law, LLC is exactly who you want to turn to if you are dealing with tax troubles in Chicago. We serve all of Illinois and look forward to helping you simplify your life, even after a tax situation causes undue stress. Call us today for your consultation, and put this all behind you.

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