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Industrial Property Tax

Do You Need an Elite Tax Firm For Industrial Property Owners?

If you are a business owner who has questions about industrial property tax come to Fanning Law, LLC for answers. We can help clarify any confusion you may have and simplify your future tax filings. If you have any current issues with the IRS or local property tax assessor do not delay making the phone call to our office, we can likely help more than you realize. Industrial property tax may differ from the taxes you were adjusted to pay before you were a business owner or owned industrial property. There are many factors that go into your exact payment and a skilled tax assessor will do their best to make sure your tax bill is accurate. If you feel it is inaccurate we will be happy to help you understand it and help you will appeal if it is not correct.

Industrial property tax formulas are not that different from home property tax formulas, and as a business owner or landowner, you should be able to calculate your expected taxes relatively easily using apps online. If your calculations vary greatly from what you expected then it may be time to file an appeal. If you are a busy person who does not want to deal with the paperwork or who would just like an expert in your corner as you go through the appeal process contact us at Fanning Law, LLC. We are the premier tax firm for industrial property owners and we understand the ins and outs of Chicago tax law.

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