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Property Tax

Fanning Law, LLC Is The First Place To Turn To For Property Tax Appeal.

Property tax is a tax that is calculated by the local government and is based on the value of the said property that is owned by either an individual or corporation. It may include tangible personal property like cars and boats depending on the area. Property taxes generally serve to benefit the general area's schools and parks and infrastructure. A property tax appeal is needed when something goes wrong in the assessment of the value of a property that leaves a home or property owner owing more than they think they should, or when other mistakes are made that leaves you with a bill you do not believe you should have to pay. This type of appeal can be handled through a law firm with ease and leave you with less stress and likely more money in the long term. A property tax attorney can also handle cases that go beyond a miscalculation of the value of the property to protect the home or landowners from the bureaucracy of the system.

Fanning Law, LLC serves the community of Cook County with modern property tax solutions. The firm was created to help those navigating the complexities of the Illinois property tax system and to protect the client's rights while representing their best interests. We represent clients ranging from small business owners to national franchises with expert law experience, advice, and court representation. If you have been feeling weighed down by your property taxes and unsure of what steps to take when you think you should appeal we can help.


Property Tax Facts:

  • Illinois property taxes are the second-highest in the whole nation.

  • Filing an appeal if you think you are overcharged can only benefit you if you are correct, you will not be fined or "punished" if you are not correct.

  • Hiring a lawyer can help expedite the process and ensure that if you are correct you receive your refund.

  • Chicago property taxes are based on a formula that is based on things such as property size, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, and other factors. It is not difficult for a well-meaning assessor to make a mistake and overcharge.

  • Many people pay without question, resulting in a significant overpayment to the local government. If you feel like something is off do not be hesitant to bring attention to it.

Contact Fanning Law if you have any questions or concerns about your property taxes this year. We are here to serve the people of Chicago with quality knowledgeable tax representation to ensure that no one is overpaying or overwhelmed by their tax bill. 

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