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Tax Assessor

Do You Need a Confirmation of The Accuracy of The County Tax Assessor?

A tax assessor is a professional who is dedicated to being precise, fair, and accurate in their job. However, anyone can make an error. If you feel like there was an error on the part of your home tax value assessment then contact us for a second opinion and legal advice for your next step. No one wants to pay more taxes than they have to, and an inaccurately valued home can lead to exactly that. We have saved our clients a lot of money, stress, and even their homes in some cases. Do not let a high tax bill ruin your day, check on that assessment, and call us if you see something that is not correct. Even if you are not entirely sure of your own assessment and the inaccuracy of the tax assessor judgment it will not hurt to check, and it could save you significantly.

House taxes can add up if paid late. Be sure to pay on time because in some situations being late for over a certain amount of time can put your property at risk. This is the last thing you want. Our area is known for an aggressive stance on what may be deemed "squatting" even if it all due to a misunderstanding or error. Be sure you are in the legal right and we will back you and protect your rights to the fullest extent. While you are on time, and you still have your home or property you at least have an asset. Do not waste time, do not let your house taxes go unpaid even if you do not agree with the tax assessor. Pay your payments on time and call us at Fanning Law as soon as possible.

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